Sacramento Bengal Breeders

About Us


We Love Our Cats


We pride ourselves on our kittens' personalities. Our kittens and cats are never caged, and are raised underfoot in our home—which has made them very social and loving. Kittens have dedicated bedrooms and also have run of the entire house after potty training. They are fully litter box trained, and are comfortable using a litter robot.


Happy, Active Kitties


From a young age our kittens are introduced to our Ziggy Doo cat exercise wheel—which they all love to run on. Our browns come from a line of fetchers, with some starting to fetch at only 8 weeks old. Most of our kittens are fond of water as well, and enjoy bath tub time with toys!


Health is our number one priority


Our kittens and cats have an eclectic diet and are fed raw meat/bones, as well as canned cat food, grain-free high quality kibble and are spoiled with crockpot chicken daily.


Parents are screened for PK-Def, PRA-b and 40 additional disorders with Optimal Selection. Sire (daddy cat) is HCM screened clear and is PK-def and PRA-b tested through parentage. Kittens receive at least 2 inoculations prior to adoption, and live in a flea-free environment.